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About Sweetwater Logistics

photo-guyboxesSince 2009, Sweetwater Logistics has assisted numerous entrepreneurs grow their business from small, ship-from-home operations to profitable and sustainable companies. We pride ourselves in assisting entrepreneurs and start up companies with logistics expertise and guidance well before a product is ever sold. Our growth strategy is to provide our clients with the expertise, economies of scale and technology to compete. As our clients grow, we grow.

Sweetwater Logistics founder and president, Steve Thomson, brings unmatched leadership and innovation to the organization. After receiving his bachelor’s in economics, Steve joined international shipping company Maersk. During his time at Maersk, Steve took on many leadership roles, often those that presented him with complicated and challenging situations, that he approached with ingenuity and creativity. Among his many accomplishments, he helped Maersk enter new markets, revamped pricing strategies and redefine their college recruitment and hiring strategy. His work took him to Panama, Poland and most recently, Guatemala. With more than 15 years of experience in both domestic and international logistics, Steve has built an organization dedicated to serving your needs. See what Steve and his experienced team can do for you and your business. Contact us today!

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