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Welcome to our blog. My name is Steve Thomson, the President of Sweetwater Logistics. We cater to small businesses and startups that recognize the value in outsourcing the product handling and order fulfillment tasks to a trusted partner. They do this to free up time, capital and energy that can be focused on selling, developing and marketing their business. Shortly after starting Sweetwater I realized there was a significant amount of knowledge, tips, tricks, processes and procedures within logistics and transportation that large companies were taking advantage of, but small business owners were simply not aware of. I also realized that with my personal experience of over 15 years of starting my own companies, starting companies and operations for one of the largest shipping conglomerates in the world – around the world – and generally building a reputation for returning organizations to profitability I have made loads of mistakes and learned from nearly all of them.

The intention of this blog is to give small business owners a level playing field with larger companies by sharing our logistics expertise as well as sprinkling in some things I have learned over the years running and operating both small and medium size companies in the US as well as internationally. I welcome your comments, thoughts and insights and hope to add value. Thank you for being here.

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