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5 Tips for Shipping Success this Holiday Season

Whether we want to believe it or not, Q4 begins in a few short weeks. Which means if you haven’t been thinking about your shipping strategy for the holiday season, it’s probably a good time to start. With federal holiday closings, a looming winter season, and an unpredictable market, it may seem overwhelming to say the least, but here’s what you can control over the next ninety days.

1. Research and Reach Out

You may know that the major delivery carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS do not work Thanksgiving Day, but that doesn’t mean your customers do. Communicate now with your customers that they should expect shipping delays in November and December due to the upcoming holiday schedule. Even better, look at last year’s shipments and determine when the majority of your holiday orders came in. If you are using a CRM system that can pull those customers’ email addresses, reach out now and encourage them to get their orders in early.

2. Incentivize Early Worms

Let’s face it, many people have good intentions of getting their holiday shopping early, but often they need a nudge. Incentivise customers to take action sooner than later by providing a discount or a free gift. It would also be worth mentioning that a bonus of getting their orders in early would be a guarantee of getting their product before the holidays. This reminds your customers that tight shipping deadlines are just around the corner, so placing an order now would not only make fiscal sense, but it removes any mental worry as well.

3. Monitor Weather and Communicate Often

Keep the weather in mind, no matter how sunny or warm it is in your own backyard. We have only just hit the peak of hurricane season on the south and east coasts; meanwhile, the north is preparing for icy road conditions with the upcoming colder temperatures. You know you can’t control the weather, but you can control what you share with your customers. And, in this case, communicating often reminds your customers to plan ahead because even meteorologists are only right about half the time.

4. Update Your Website for Mobile

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, now is an important time to make sure it is. Many customers will be scrolling on their phones in the evening hours – or during their lunch break – especially as it gets closer to the holidays. If they can’t easily purchase an item from the convenience of their phone, you’re adding an unnecessary barrier between you and a sale. The chances of a customer resuming their purchasing journey once they are at their desk or laptop is a chance you don’t want to take.

5. Partner With Trusted and Experienced Resources

Finally, take a look at your logistics process. There are likely pain points along your supply chain, even if you can’t readily determine where they are. Working with an experienced partner can help you clear those hurdles more efficiently as well as put you in a place of optimum success when it comes to fulfilling orders during the busy holiday season. Although Q4 can be one of the most profitable quarters for many businesses, it can also be one of unnecessary headaches and losses if you go it alone.

Ready for a supply chain checkup? Our team offers this service complimentary in order to identify areas of improvement as well as opportunities to leverage best practices being utilized. We’ll take a look at your operations and shipping, how you are marketing to your customers and more. Contact our team today.

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