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Why Sweetwater Logistics


Sweetwater Logistics enables business owners and entrepreneurs to focus their time and energy on developing, marketing and growing their business instead of getting their product from point A to point B. We do this by providing logistics expertise, stream-lined operations and decreased shipping costs.

We designed our business model, growth strategy and pricing structure in much the same way that you designed yours; our goals are to increase orders, reduce inventory costs and the promote the use of technology to propel growth.


Our customer service is second to none.

From the time your products arrive in our warehouse to the time it reaches your customer, you know that your logistics and fulfillment have been handled carefully and urgently. Our fulfillment service expertise ranges from direct to consumer of small order size, high frequency volumes, to B2B of low frequency, high volume shipments.


We guarantee our order accuracy.

If an order goes out wrong, we take care of the cost of shipping to return the wrong order to the warehouse and the shipping cost to send the correct item out.


Small Business Incubator program

Not only are we partners in logistics, but through our affiliation with Collaboration, Sweetwater Logistics can help business owners be better and more effective in their business. Click to learn more about our Small Business Incubator program.


Cross-promotion of clients

We actively seek ways for our clients to grow their businesses. If we see that there is an opportunity for our clients to partner and cross-promote, we will help our clients capitalize on these additional opportunities.



Steve Thomson’s deep understanding of logistics and supply chain management puts Sweetwater in a class by itself. Combined with Sweetwater’s seasoned Warehouse Team, this experience translates into the innovative and cost-saving solutions that Sweetwater creates for its clients everyday.

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