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We recognize that “cash is king” for a start-up company. We do not have monthly minimums. Our belief is that a monthly minimum is an artificial barrier of entry to entrepreneurs and startups to achieve the benefits of an outsourced fulfillment arrangement.


Sweetwater Logistics Fulfillment Rates

Monthly Order Volume Per Order Per Item1 Monthly Administration Monthly Storage2 Receiving (per carton)3
0-10 2.50 .50 100.00 20.00 .50
11-500 1.85 .50 125.00 15.00 .50
501-1000 1.75 .45 150.00 10.00 .50
1001-1500 1.75 .40 175.00 9.00 .50
1501-1800 1.70 .35 200.00 9.00 .50
1801+ 1.65 .30 225.00 8.00 .50
Returns 2.50 .75      

1. Item is set at lowest pick level per order line. If cases are sent – charge is per case. If order is for individual items, charge is per item. If order is for full pallets only ‘Per Order’ fee is waived and a pallet charge of $4.50 is charged per pallet.
2. Per pallet (4’x4’x5′ or equivalent).
3. $4.00 per pallet. If product does not arrive palletized and/or homogenous the carton receiving charge for sort, segregate and palletize by SKU is charged in addition. $2.00 minimum charge per receipt.
Above does not include shipping charges.

You may either provide your own packaging (shipper box or bag), or we will purchase packaging on your behalf. 

Assembly/Kitting – $35.00 per man-hour

Order information can be entered directly or uploaded via standard format CSV, TXT, or XML with standard administration fee. Order information via FTP, HTTP and web service calls are also possible. These include a one-time programming setup charge (minimum $250) and incur a $75/month additional maintenance administration charge.

Manual order or receipt creation charge (if created by Sweetwater Staff) is $5.00 per order.

EDI connectivity is also possible as are UCC-128 labeling. Please contact us for pricing.

A 3% late payment fee will be assessed for all invoices paid after their due date.

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