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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Product Packaging for Your Ecommerce

As an ecommerce business, you know that getting your product to your clients efficiently and safely is key. However, receiving a package in the mail (even if it’s expected) has become an experience for many customers. This has created the opportunity for some businesses to further connect with their clients and develop a long-lasting relationship not just with a repeat customer, but with a brand ambassador as well. Here are a few tips on how to place an exclamation point at the end of your customer’s buying experience.

Research Your Options: From Boxes to Envelopes

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding the right package for your product. First, determine how fragile your package is. A corrugated box (the most common type of package) might be the best option. Corrugated boxes provide strength and durability but are also recyclable. With many sizes and shapes, this type of box is popular for a reason. If you are shipping smaller items such as delicate jewelry or books, padded mailers are another great option. And if you are selling light – but not fragile – products consider poly mailers, Tyvek envelopes or plastic mailing pages. They are durable for the shipping process while using minimal space and are easy to customize for your brand.

Remember Your Audience With Thoughtful Details 

Who is buying your product and what do they care about? The online pet retailer and pharmacy, Chewy, includes bandanas and banners along with their “Goody Boxes” which – any pet owner would know – is an invitation to snap a photo of their pet and share on social media. Search the hashtag #goodybox on Instagram and you’ll see dozens of examples of pet owners doing just that. Or perhaps your audience is eco-conscious, which gives you an opportunity to provide packaging that is in line with their values. The probiotic company, Seed, uses mushrooms to design their packaging – and some of the packaging will even dissolve in water.

Consider “Bonus Items” for Your Customer

Chewy isn’t the only brand that includes low-cost extras with some of their products. Many brands have made it a part of their regular shipping process to include stickers, trial-size products and more. All of this is meant to further the brand experience and create a deeper connection with your client. Here are some ideas you could consider:

  • Stickers: A low cost option lands well not just with young kids but also with an important subset of Gen X and Millennials. This client base (born in the late 1970’s – mid 1980’s) often uses stickers to decorate laptops, reusable water bottles and more.
  • Promotional Material: Does your brand have a quarterly newsletter or a small catalog of products only available to customers? Include a high-quality print with each purchase.
  • Custom Note: North Carolina-based toy manufacturer, Two Bros Bows was started by two brothers with the help of their mom when they were very young. The boys include hand-written “thank you” notes to their clients in every shipment across the world.
  • Sample or Gift: Is there a complimentary product that your client should consider purchasing next time? Perhaps they bought shampoo but not the conditioner. Include a sample so they can get to know and love your other products.

Create Brand Ambassadors

As we mentioned earlier, receiving a package is now an experience for customers. Go to Google or your favorite video social media platform and search “unboxing.” You’ll find hundreds of videos of regular people unboxing a brand’s product and sharing their experience. Gone are the days where simply receiving a brown box on your front step was an exciting endeavor. When this phenomenon first took off, it was mostly geared towards tech gadgets or children’s toys. But everyone from pet to makeup retailers have also joined the bandwagon. Think about your audience and consider whether they have a social media audience (even if it’s their small circle of friends and family). Chances are, they do. If they have a positive – or fun – experience of unboxing your product they are more likely to share that experience with their circle of influence.

Looking for more tips on how to enhance the ecommerce experience for your clients – and your bottom line? Talk to our knowledgeable team today: 980-225-1500.

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